What Kinds of Clothing Do the Gabon People Wear?

drapeau du gabon image by Charly from Fotolia.com

Gabon is a former French African colony, located on the western coast of central Africa. Nowadays, Gabonese people wear Western-style clothing. The casual outfit is rich in bright African colours. Women wear modern dresses and skirts, often with detailed embroidery. Men predominantly wear jeans and T-shirts.

Business Style

In offices, Gabonese people, mostly men, are dressed in modern business suits. They prefer black or dark suits. It is considered good manners to have very shiny dress shoes in Gabon. Women wear colourful business dresses and skirts, though their role in business is limited.


Libreville, the capital of Gabon, was ranked the 11th most expensive city by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2009. The wealth from the oil industry allows the population to enjoy a relatively good level of living. Men mostly wear jeans and T-shirts, while women prefer modern African bright-coloured dresses and skirts, often embroidered.


A traditional Gabonese clothing item is a boubou, which is a flowing top that can be floor-length or knee-length. Celebrations often demand elaborate boubous. Men wear boubous with loosefitting trousers underneath, while women wear double-wrapped pagnes as a skirt.

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