Japanese Style Exterior Wood Shutter Options

Updated February 21, 2017

Japanese style exteriors are minimalistic in design. Exterior shutters are not often associated with a Japanese design style, but there are a few types that are compatible with the look. A Japanese style exterior shutter that mimics the traditional shoji screen is one such style. Others include the Arts & Crafts and Mission style shutters, which take their design cues from Asian minimalism.

Japanese Style

Japanese style shutters resemble the shoji screen, an interior room divider or window covering used in Asian decor. Shoji screens consist of a wood frame and square panels backed with rice paper. Japanese style exterior shutters have panels of white frosted glass set inside a wooden frame, replicating the look of rice paper with a material suitable for the outdoors.

Arts & Crafts

Another exterior shutter compatible with Japanese style is the Arts & Crafts type. This Asian-inspired style is very simple and minimalistic in design. The top third of the shutter consists of an inset panel of wood or stained glass in a geometric design. The bottom two-thirds include a long Mission-style split panel set inside a wood frame.

Mission Style

Similar to Arts & Crafts, Mission style shutters have a strong geometric look. A wood or tile panel is inset into a wooden frame at the top third of the shutter. The bottom two-thirds of the shutter consists of a series of horizontal vertical slats set in a wood frame. Tile panels are available in the geometric style of Gustav Stickley, an early 20th-century architect and furniture maker.

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