How to Install a Hinge on a Shed Door

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The hardest part of installing a door is installing the hinge. Angled improperly, and the door will swing outward or inward naturally. Ideally you want the hinge to be level so that the door will remain in any position without swinging.

Shed doors are not as difficult as standard doors and allow for more leeway but still require careful installation. The process requires two steps where you attach the hinges to the frame first and then attach the door to the hinges.

Attach each hinge to the frame using only one screw and the same screw hole on each hinge. The hinge aspect, which is the metal bar holding the two halves together, must point away from the door and sit pressed against the exterior edge of the frame. Drive the screw in with a drill and screwdriver drill bit to hold the hinge against the frame.

Hold a level on top of the hinge if you are using a square hinge, or pressed against the hinge flush with the top of the screw holes on both halves. Align the screw holes for the door side of the hinge with the screw holes on the frame side so that the holes are level.

Mark the location of the subsequent screw holes in the hinge onto the frame once you align the holes and level them. Double check the marks with the level to ensure all the corresponding screw holes are level.

Attach the hinges to the frame by driving mounting screws through the hinge into the frame at the marks made in Step 3.

Swing the hinges so that they are out of the way of the doors.

Place the doors into position on the shed. Insert shims above, below, and between the doors to get the doors even and properly positioned. Adjust the shims until the doors fit the frame as desired. Make sure the gap between the doors is sufficient for the units to swing open.

Swing the hinges into place against the doors.

Drive mounting screws through the screw holes into the door. Attach one mounting screw per hinge at a time to keep the doors in the proper position. Attaching all the mounting screws to one hinge at the same time may pull the doors off kilter. Remove the shims.