What size curtains for a 10-foot ceiling?

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When an architect designs a home with 10-foot ceilings, he usually specifies taller windows as well, in order to maintain proper proportion. Taller windows require longer curtains if you want them to reach from the top of the window to the floor.

Although there is a standard curtain length for rooms with 10-foot ceilings, this length does not necessarily work in every situation.

Floor-Length Curtains

Rooms with 10-foot ceilings usually have windows that rise up eight feet above the floor. However, using curtains that are 8 feet tall on these windows will leave the curtains hanging too far up from the floor or not high enough above the window. Curtains that are 108 inches long -- or 9 feet -- allow ample fabric to cover a portion of the wall above the window and drape down to the floor.

Puddled Curtains

For a luxurious look, consider puddling your curtains. Puddled curtains are cut longer than they actually need to be, so that the excess length puddles on the floor. This look works well in formal or luxurious rooms and with curtains that are made out of luxurious fabrics. Curtain manufacturers typically add another 12 inches to standard floor-length curtains, making puddle-length curtains 120 inches.

Custom-Made Curtains

Not all homes with 10-foot ceilings have the standard windows that reach eight feet above the floor. Before you purchase ready-made curtains that are 108 or 120 inches long, it is wise to measure your windows. If you find that ready-made sizes won't work for your windows, call a decorator or a friend who can custom-make curtains in just the right size.

Other Considerations

Before installing drapery rods and hanging your curtains, measure and consider all aspects of our project. Consider the extra length that curtain tabs, ties or rings add. Also, remove your curtains from the package and measure them carefully, because package dimensions can vary from actual curtain length.

When choosing curtain width, a rule of thumb is to double the width of your window. For example, if your window is 36 inches wide, then you'd want either one 72-inch curtain panel or two 36-inch panels.

Decorators generally recommend that you hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible while still allowing the bottom of the curtains to touch the floor.