Birthday party ideas for boys age 7

Updated February 21, 2017

Birthday parties are a big deal in a seven-year-old boy's life, and it's something that he'll look forward to and remember for a long time. All seven-year-olds are different, and you should personalise the party as much as possible to correspond to the boy's interests and preferences. It's important to involve your son as much as possible in the planning process so that he always feels like it's his party.

Theme and Decorations

Choosing a theme is a great way to personalise your son's party and get him excited about the big day. You know your son better than anybody, so decide on a theme that he and his friends will enjoy. Possible themes include sports, monsters, magic and any television show, movie or comic book your son may be in to. Take your son to your local party supply store and purchase decorations that correspond to the theme. Most party supply stores sell theme-specific packages that include paper plates, cups, decorations and other supplies. You can also decorate using your son's toys, posters and other possessions, which he'll probably love to show off to his friends. Balloons in your son's favourite colour are great for creating a fun, party atmosphere, as are streamers and confetti.


Most seven-year-olds love junk food, and even if you're the most health-conscious parent in the world, consider letting your son pig out just for a day. Ask your son what he wants to eat on his birthday or surprise him with some of his favourite foods. Pizza, burgers and fries, sandwiches and pasta are all good options. Just make sure the food is tasty and there is enough for everyone. Have alternative options on hand just in case there are kids with food allergies. It's a good idea to check with the other parents about this--the last thing you want is a trip to the hospital during your child's big day. You can also use food as an activity by having the kids decorate their own cupcakes or cookies.


Seven-year-old boys are still at that age when they need lots of structured activities and stimulation to have fun. If it's an outdoor party and the weather is nice, a lighthearted game of softball, kickball, basketball or capture the flag will probably go over well. If your son is not into sports, think of arts and crafts activities such as designing T-shirts or baseball caps. Boys at that age may be a little old for clowns and magicians, but there are plenty of other entertainment options that can work, such as professional jugglers, comedians and child-appropriate improv groups. Scavenger hunts and similar activities where kids work in teams to solve some kind of puzzle are also great for this age group.

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