Garden Cake Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Bring the great outdoors to your party by making a garden cake. Such a dessert can be the centrepiece for a garden party or served to honour the birthday of a gardening enthusiast. Making your own garden cake allows customisation of the cake and icing and costs less than purchasing a cake.

Dirt Cake

Part of gardening involves digging in the dirt. Use that idea to create an edible dirt cake out of chocolate wafer cookies. Layer crushed cookies with chocolate pudding in a clean flower pot with the drainage hole at the bottom plugged. Insert gummy worms into the crushed cookie "dirt" for a more realistic effect. Flatten gumdrops with a rolling pin and cut them into tulip shapes with a cookie cutter. Insert one end of a toothpick into the bottom of each of these and press the opposite end into the cookie "dirt" to create the flowers in the pot.

Flower Cake

Create a large flower-shaped cake from smaller snack-sized cakes and a single 8-inch round cake. Coat the round cake with yellow-tinted icing and arrange long snack cakes or eclairs in rays around the central cake. Ice these in pink or red for the petals of the flower cake. Alternatively, cut out pieces of coloured fondant with flower shaped cookie cutters and press these onto the sides and top of an iced or fondant-covered cake. Look for fondant at cake or craft supply stores.

Garden Cake

Bake a cake of any size and cover it with chocolate icing. Sprinkle green tinted coconut over the top of the cake for the "grass" in the garden. Insert lollipops into the top of the cake for "flowers" in the garden. As an alternative to a flower "garden," create a cake for a vegetable gardener. Prepare the base as for a flower garden cake but leave a square of chocolate icing in the middle of the cake without coconut to be the soil for the garden. Arrange marzipan vegetables into rows in this chocolate icing square for the vegetable garden rows. Look for marzipan (almond paste) shaped like vegetables at gourmet and speciality food stores.

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