Summer work party ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Companies and businesses throw work parties for their employees to treat workers to a fun day or night out as a reward for hard work. Some companies have annual summer parties each year, while others host parties after significant projects or milestones have been completed or to celebrate other company successes. There are a number of different party ideas you can choose for your next work summer party.

Bar or Restaurant

Rent a room at a bar or restaurant, or send someone over in advance to reserve enough space at the bar or restaurant for your group. If you are inviting family members of employees, choose a place that is family-friendly and serves food. Allow the employees to order food and drinks and make sure the company picks up the tab. You can limit the drinks so no one drinks too much and drives, or you can pay for cabs or a shuttle service to take people home. Consider hosting this party at a local bar or restaurant in the same city where your company is located to support other local businesses.

Your House

If your house is big enough and your company is small enough, invite the company employees and their families over to your house on a weekend or weekday afternoon for a casual barbecue. If barbecue is not your style, you can serve other food or have the party catered. Employees will appreciate the personal touch of hosting the event at your house and you will save some money by not paying a party room rental fee at another establishment. Be sure plenty of food and drinks are available, as well as indoor and outdoor games for the kids. Keep the party outside to avoid getting your house too messy, as long as it is not raining. Be sure to make the rounds to chat for at least a few minutes with each employee and meet their families as well.

Picnic in the Park

Host a picnic one afternoon at a nearby park. Contact your local parks and recreation department to find out all available options, costs and amenities. Most parks that charge for renting the space offer barbecue grills and/or bathrooms, but you will still likely have to bring in other supplies, like coolers, plates, plastic utensils and napkins. Bring plenty of sports equipment for employees and their families to enjoy, such as footballs, baseballs and gloves, and basketballs, if there is a hoop at the park. Be sure to check whether alcohol is allowed at the park before you stock up on beer and wine. If possible, set up a shaded area for those that need a break from the summer sun. Take this idea to the next level by making it an overnight camp out event for employees and families. Be sure to arrange for dinner and breakfast at the camp site the next day.

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