Aims and Objectives of Probation Service

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Probation is a sentence ordered by a judge in response to an individual who broke the law. An offender can receive probation in addition to or without an additional sentence of jail time. When under probation the individual will be under the supervision of a probation officer who works for the probation service.

The aims and objectives of the probation service is to promote lawful behaviour, to reintegrate offenders into society, to stop or prevent drug or alcohol abuse and empower communities through outreach.

Promote Lawful Behavior

The probation service wants to promote lawful behaviour. Through mandatory strict rules the probation service acts as a punishment for offenders but also shows them there is a way to obey laws and avoid criminal behaviour again. The probation service's strict programs include mandatory check-ins with the offender's probation officer sometimes as often as three or four times a day and mandatory meetings with the offender as often as the officer mandates.


Probation service reintegrates the offender back into society. The probation officer will prep the offender for job interviews, make sure his resume is in order, help him apply for jobs and even write a letter of recommendation if needed. The service also offers work programs similar to unpaid internships giving the offender job experience.

Alcohol or Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drug abuse is a common reason why individuals are given probation. The probation service and the appointed officer work as a support system to ensure the offender receives treatment for drugs and alcohol abuse. Sometimes this will include mandatory meetings with drug abuse counsellors or alcohol abuse recovery organisations like Alcoholics Anonymous. If the offender needs added support, the probation officer may even attend these meetings with him or her.

Community Outreach

The aims and objectives of probation service is to not only rehabilitate offenders, but also prevent crime and unlawful behaviour through community outreach. It organises job fairs and resume writing workshops and also partners with programs like Alcoholics Anonymous for workshops on drug and alcohol abuse.