Ideas For Party Favors For a Woman's 60th Birthday Party

Updated February 21, 2017

A woman's 60th birthday party is a special occasion, and if you are throwing a party for someone who is special to you, the party favours should be a high priority. A party favour should remind the guest of the party, and it should also be something that reminds them of the guest of honour. Consider what party favours might be appropriate.

Replica Newspapers

A great deal has changed in the past 60 years, and one way to really get an idea of that is to look at a newspaper. There are companies that will print newspapers that date back to the guest of honor's birth and handing out these papers can show the guests how far the world has come. You might also choose to present the guest of honour with a framed front page from the day that she was born as well.

Framed Photos

A framed photo of the guest of honour is a wonderful gift for party guests to take home, particularly if they live far away and do not visit often. You might choose to have a picture of the guest of honour as she is today, or you may choose a picture of her from when she was a teenager or a young woman. Either option can be a wonderful way to let the people remember the party. Alternately, you can take a group shot of the party using a digital camera and the print out enough copies so that everyone at the party can have one.

Personalised Playing Cards

If the guest of honour loves card games, personalised playing cards are a perfect choice for party favours. You can create the design for a casino that has her name on it, or you can simply have the date inscribed on the back of the cards. Packs of personalised playing cards are unique party favours that the guests will hold on to.

Personalised Wine Glasses

If you are holding a more formal 60th birthday party, leave a personalised wine glass at each place setting. A wine glass inscribed with the guest of honor's name and birthday is a lovely memento of the occasion. Fill it with candy or glass pebbles for a dramatic effect at the dinner table, and tie a coloured ribbon around the stem to match the rest of the party decor.

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