Inexpensive Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Decorations can eat up much of a wedding budget if you don't plan for inexpensive options. Inexpensive centrepieces can be just as formal and festive as expensive centrepieces. Put together a centrepiece that doesn't blow your budget, yet still complements your wedding colours, theme, style and your personalities.


Most expensive wedding centrepieces include flowers. Less expensive alternatives allow you to include flowers in your centrepieces without spending a small fortune. For example, use fresh flowers from your own garden or a discount store and put the arrangements together yourself. Pick wild flowers for a simple, casual or country wedding. Ask your florist to use locally grown flowers that are in season if you don't want to put the arrangements together.

Collect random vases and jars to use as the containers if you don't mind mixing and matching. Mason jars are another alternative that's relatively inexpensive and can be used for other things after the wedding. Purchase simple vases in bulk from discount stores or check bridal forums as many brides sell their centrepieces after their weddings.

Edible Centerpieces

Fill tall glass vases or containers with whole lemons, limes, grapes or apples if the fruit goes with your wedding colours. Sliced lemons or limes work, as well. Use orange or white pumpkins or other fall fruits if your wedding is scheduled for fall and the colours work with your colour scheme.

Create a colourful display of candy in different-sized and shaped apothecary jars. This can serve as a colourful centrepiece and treats for your guests. Place little favour bags, scoops and stickers with your names and wedding date near the candy jars.

Cake stands can display cupcakes, cookies or chocolate candies decorated in colours and shapes that complement your wedding theme and double as favours for your guests.


Candles can add a romantic touch to your wedding and make a big impact without putting a big dent in your budget. Group three pillar candles of varying heights together on candleholders or on a mirror. Weave silk ivy or a garland of silk flowers around the candles to add colour and texture.

Alternatively, fill tall glass cylinders with items that complement the theme, such as sand and seashells. Wrap silk flowers around the inside of the container and secure them with river rocks or marbles if you'd like something different. Add water and floating candles on top.

Seasonal Items

Fill bowls or tall containers with seasonal items, such as colourful fall leaves or holiday balls. For example, clear holiday balls can look like bubbles and work for a variety of themes. Use coloured glass balls if you'd prefer colour. Spray paint styrofoam balls if you don't have access to glass balls.

Spray paint small branches silver, white, black, pink, robin's egg blue or whatever colour complements your wedding. Glue silk flowers to the branches to look like a cherry blossom tree. Alternatively, hang glass beads or rhinestones from the branches for a sparkly effect.

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