Catholic School Assembly Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

People often choose to send their children to Catholic schools because of the moral and character education that is taught in addition to regular subjects. Catholic school assemblies can provide opportunities to address issues of religion, values and ethics in a large group setting. Appropriate ideas for a Catholic school assembly can be implemented for any grade level.

Bible Stories

For a Catholic elementary school, plan an assembly that involves the acting out of important Bible stories. Drama can be an effective teaching tool. Hire an acting troupe that specialises in performing plays based on the Bible. If this is not in your budget, get the students involved by inviting each class in the oldest grade to perform a different Bible story. Have them write the scripts and design the costumes and sets. Gather the younger grades in the auditorium for the performance debut.


Middle school students are at an age where their bodies go through major developments. Conflicting emotions with regard to these changes often occur. Hold an assembly at your Catholic middle school that emphasises a healthy body and the importance of taking care of it. To add a religious element to it, discuss these topics from a biblical standpoint. Add relevant short video clips to hold the students' attention. Invite guests to speak about the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Conduct a cooking demonstration on stage that involves preparing a healthy meal. Demonstrate exercise techniques, such as the proper way for teens to lift weights.

Substance Abuse

Many high school students face temptations to experiment with alcohol and drugs. Focus an assembly at your Catholic high school on the dangers of these behaviours. Bring in former drug addicts and alcoholics to speak about their experiences with the goal of having a positive influence on the students' future choices. Supplement these presentations with videos on the dangers and consequences of these risky behaviours.

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