South African Wedding Gifts

Updated February 21, 2017

Finding that "just right" gift for a couple's wedding can be a troubling and time-consuming task. This is especially true for more culturally diverse gifts. Luckily, just as there is someone for everyone, there is something for everyone too! You can always choose a more traditional, universal wedding gift, but If you are in need of a more culture-specific South African wedding gift, these suggestions are sure to make your gift a hit.

Potjie Pots

The Potjie pot or "potjiekos" is a traditional African, cast-iron cookware pot that makes a thoughtful, practical wedding gift. You can give the Potjie pot as a gift for use in the kitchen, or opt for a miniaturised stoneware version for home decor. Fill the decorative mini-pot with a personalised gift, a candle, or coloured pebbles.

Beaded and Carved Flatware

Another great gift for a newlywed couple's kitchen is African beaded or hand-carved flatware. Try to incorporate the South African colours of green, yellow, black, blue and red in the beaded or coloured portion of the flatware. A larger, hand-carved wooden salad fork and spoon is also a great kitchen gift (with or without the indigenous South African animal handles).


Traditional South African sculptures and paintings make wonderful wedding gifts. According to, some of the most popular decorations for the home are African masks, wood-carved sculptures, Batik paintings, wicker baskets and leather artwork. Any of these artistic, culturally decorative items would stand out amid the more basic gifts on a couple's registry.

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