Catering Ideas for a Christening

Updated February 21, 2017

After a christening, it is common practice to hold a dinner or luncheon for family, close friends and the godparents of the newly baptised baby. As you plan a reception for a christening, consider catering options that will allow guests to mingle and eat easily while passing the baby around. Depending on the location and time of year, you might select foods that you can serve easily.


Because the guests at a christening party are likely to be close to your family, make the most of existing relationships to host a family-style dinner. Have the caterers prepare gourmet versions of favourite homestyle church classics, like pasta bakes, vegetable and bean salads and simple sandwiches with rich dressings. Instead of creating a buffet line, place the food in bowls and on platters on the centre of the table so that guests can pass dishes around the table. This type of food service creates a social, relaxed atmosphere for chatting with old friends and family.

Finger Foods

If you are planning a more informal christening reception and want to avoid a sit-down dinner, use hearty appetizers instead of full portions. Prepare a variety of appetizers that suit the season, such as warm soup shots in the autumn or grilled vegetable skewers in the spring. To make sure guests get enough to eat, include items that contain meat, cheese or carbohydrates, and ask the catering staff, if you have one, to pass or replenish trays often. For this type of party, a wide variety of foods will encourage guests to try more items, ensuring that they are satisfied and full. Finger foods also allow your guests to pop a bite into their mouth as the baby comes their way.


The centrepiece of a christening reception or party is often the cake. Ask the caterers or a local bakery to decorate the cake with a religious theme that will suit the event, using a style that matches your tastes. For most christenings, a simple sheet cake is appropriate. Use a simple cross and Bible verse in scripted font for an elegant look, or choose a flowery theme using pastel and white frosting. If you'd prefer to have hand-held desserts, consider using a cupcake tower instead of the cake; decorate individual cupcakes with a simple sugar cross or the initial of the baby, and have white flowers fill the open spaces for a cake-like look.

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