What Men Find Most Attractive in Women

Updated March 23, 2017

While some women think that men are superficial and only go for looks, several other characteristics grab a man's attention, as well as keep it. The qualities that men are drawn to may surprise you. If you are single and looking to attract a man, you may want to start showcasing some of the qualities that men find most attractive.


According to Live Strong website, men find confidence in women extremely attractive. It shows that the woman doesn't have to rely a man to boost her self-esteem because she is already happy with herself. Most women know the areas in life they are unhappy with; if you are one of them, doing what you can to improve those areas--for yourself, rather than for a man--will give you a big confidence boost. This can include completing life goals, finding a job you love or starting an exercise regimen.

Sense of Humor

According to What Do Men Really Thing website, a sense of humour in a woman is an attractive quality. Being able to take a joke, and dish them out as well, is not only important for the pure humour aspect but also when it comes to handling situations in everyday life. If you are a woman who feels as though she needs to improve her sense of humour, start off by concentrating on the brighter side of things when faced with adverse situations.

Sexual Compatibility

Sexual compatibility is important in a romantic relationship. According to Live Strong, men test how you react to them sexually to see how you match up in a relationship. If you aren't compatible with someone sexually, you may want to consider choosing someone that has all the qualities you look for, in addition to sexual chemistry.


Some men may be OK with an unintelligent woman at first, but chances are that trait will wear thin after a while. According to website I Love India, many men look for a woman to be intelligent. To pump up your knowledge base, stay up with current events by reading news websites or newspapers daily.

Great Personality

I Love India also states that a strong and fetching personality is an attractive quality in a female. This means men are attracted to women who are caring and honest, who listen well, and who are good people overall. Ask loved ones for advice or evaluate yourself if you wish to bring out your natural sparkle.

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