Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work

Written by eva talent | 13/05/2017
Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work
Gift ideas for a mom returning to work include items that will help her acclimate to her new schedule. (present image by Yekaterina Choupova from

A mom returning to work may appreciate several things that will aid in her transition back to the workforce. Organizational day planners, electronic items and gift cards for lunches on-the-go may be given as gifts for a mom returning to work. Office-appropriate attire and accessories may also be fitting gifts. Many moms returning to work may prefer gift cards as presents so they may choose their own items. Gift purchases should be based on what the mom returning to work may need, find useful or enjoy using.

Organizational Tools

Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work
Leather-bound day planners may be useful gifts for moms returning to work. (notebook image by Mikhail Olykainen from

Day planners, notebook cases and calendars are often useful to active members of the workforce. Day planners range from pocket-sized to full-scale binders. An all-purpose day planner should include daily, weekly and monthly calendar pages, note paper and an address book. Day planners, notebooks and calendars generally range in price from £3 to £32 and may be purchased at most office supply stores.


Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work
PDAs may make excellent gifts for busy working moms. (pda image by T.Tulic from

Electronic notepads, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and mp3 players may make good gifts for moms returning to work. A woman with moderate to excellent technological skills who is entering a fast-paced work environment may value electronic gifts and find them useful in her new career. Electronic notepads range in price between £22 and £113. PDAs may cost as little as £32 or as much as £455. Music players using the mp3 format generally cost from £6 to £260. Electronic gifts may be purchased at speciality retailers, online and at some general merchandise stores.

Restaurant Gift Cards

Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work
Restaurant gift cards for a mom returning to work should be chosen according to her personal preference. (fast food image by FotoWorx from

Busy work schedules often limit the amount of time workers have for lunch breaks. New employees are usually pressed for time, particularly during the first few weeks of employment. Gift cards for local restaurants, coffee shops or fast food establishments may be useful for a mom returning to work. Restaurant gift cards can be purchased in denominations of as little as 60p. Generally, restaurant gift cards must be purchased at the food service establishment or online.

Corporate Attire

Gift Ideas for a Mom Returning to Work
Short skirts are not considered appropriate corporate attire. (my short skirt image by Frenk_Danielle Kaufmann from

A mom returning to work may be in need of appropriate corporate attire. Appropriate corporate attire includes knee-length skirts or dresses, trousers and blouses that do not expose cleavage. Also, pantyhose should be worn with skirts and dresses, depending on the industry she is working in. Since style is based largely on personal preference, gift cards to clothing stores may be the best choice. Apparel and gift cards generally cost at least £3 and may cost several hundreds of dollars, depending on the retailer. Corporate attire may be purchased at speciality stores, online or in thrift stores.

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