Ideas for a Spanish Theme

Updated April 17, 2017

Transport your party guests to Spain with creative Spanish-themed decorations and activities. Transform your party space into a replica of Spain with a variety of bright colours and cutouts depicting famous Spanish monuments and landmarks. Serve authentic Spanish food and drink to your guests, and play traditional Spanish music for dancing the Flamenco.

Party Decorations

Create a Spanish-inspired atmosphere by using bright colours, and take the party outside if you can. Decorate the lawn with candles, string lights and lanterns for an intimate, exotic feel like you'd find in an authentic Spanish restaurant. Use flowers as accents and centrepieces, and hang colourful paper decorations. If you are unable to host the party outdoors, you can still do many of the same things inside. Use colourful table cloths, and use Spanish flags for added decoration; you can use a large flag to drape over the door, and small flags to place on tables as centrepieces. If you have time, try making cutouts of famous Spanish monuments and landmarks like the Aqueduct of Segovia or the Guggenheim Bilbao, and mount them around the party space.

Food and Drink

Serve Spanish tapas for flavourful finger food at your party. There are many different kinds of tapas ranging in complexity; you could serve a simple platter of olives, cheese, bread and meats, or you could cook a more complex dish like paella and serve it in small plastic cups to make it easy to handle. Offer a variety of Spanish wines, and try making sangria for a refreshing Spanish beverage; there are non-alcoholic versions of sangria as well, so consider making a batch for guests who do not wish to consume an alcoholic beverage.


Play Spanish music in the background of your party to enhance the atmosphere and to offer an opportunity to dance. There are many different types of Spanish music, so select a variety that you think best suits your guests. Flamenco music is traditional of southern Spain, so this variety might add a more authentic feel to your get-together. If you decide to play this kind of music, consider hiring a Flamenco instructor to come for a portion of the party to teach guests some traditional dance steps.


Apart from dancing, try playing some games that reflect your Spanish theme. For instance, you could create a Spanish adaptation of the "sticky forehead" game. This game requires each person to place a sticky note on his or her forehead without looking at what is written on the non-sticky side; write out the names of famous Spanish people like Penélope Cruz or Pablo Picasso on each note and have each player ask yes or no questions to determine his or her identity.

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