Unusual Scottish Gifts

Updated April 17, 2017

The Scottish culture includes many traditions relating to gift-giving, and you can honour those traditions by giving a gift that may be considered out of the ordinary by American traditions. If you have a friend with Scottish ancestors, or you know a Scottish couple who are getting married, you can present them with a Scottish gift that will prove unlike anything other friends may give.

Silver Spoon

A silver spoon holds meaning in the Scottish culture, and is often given to couples as a wedding present. In the Celtic tradition, a present of a silver spoon symbolises wishes for that pair that they never go hungry. Consider having a spoon engraved with a special inscription at a memory store, perhaps with the happy couple's names and the anniversary date and year of their wedding.


Tartan is the plaid pattern used for traditional Scottish kilts. Each clan or family in Scotland has its own special tartan pattern, and it is a thoughtful gesture to discover the tartan that matches your friend's name before giving him a tartan item. You can find tartan items of all sorts, not just kilts; scrapbooks, scarves, blankets, purses and sweaters in various tartan patterns can all be found at Scottish speciality stores. For a tartan gift that is more out of the ordinary, consider a tartan towel set, dishes with a tartan print or tartan dog accessories like a collar and leash.


A luckenbooth is a small Scottish brooch made from silver that is supposed to bring luck. The brooch contains two entwined hearts and is typically given as a romantic gift. The brooch can be worn or used during important times in a Scottish family's life, like during a wedding or pinned to the receiving blanket of a newborn baby. You can have a luckenbooth brooch engraved with a couple's initials and give it as a present at a bridal or baby shower.


A quaich is a type of shallow drinking glass used traditionally in Scotland for whiskey. The cup typically has two handles and is usually made of wood, though there are some versions made from stone, pewter or silver. For a special gift, purchase a silver quaich from a Scottish speciality store, and have the quaich engraved with the recipient's initials or name.

Sgian Dubh

A sgian dubh is a small knife with a single edge blade, which is worn as part of the traditional kilt outfit. The knife is usually tucked into the top of the wearer's hose so only the handle sticks out, and can be worn on either the left or the right side, depending on which hand the wearer leads with. You can have the blade of a sgian dubh engraved, or have the leather handle of the knife embroidered with a special inscription for an unusual Scottish gift.

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