The Best 50th Birthday Gifts for the Outdoors Man

Updated November 21, 2016

Turning 50 is a huge milestone, so honour it with a thoughtful gift. If the man you are shopping for loves the great outdoors, you are in luck. There are many excellent gifts you can purchase that he is sure to love. Consider his outdoor hobbies and personality when you select his gift.


Fishermen love to get new gadgets and supplies. If he enjoys going out on the lake or on the ocean to catch some fish, buy him a new fishing rod. Many fishermen have plenty of those, so if that's the case, buy him fishing accessories, such as different kinds of lures. Alternatively, choose accessories for his fishing boat, like a digital fish finder.


Some outdoorsy men love to go camping. Make his camping experience a little bit more comfortable with some new supplies. Buy an air bed so he doesn't have to sleep on the hard ground in his tent. A camp stove will help him cook tasty meals whether or not he has a fire. Buy comfortable portable chairs for the campsite--some are even made like recliners. Consider a pair of binoculars so he can check out the wildlife up close.


Turning 50 doesn't have to stop him from enjoying the outdoor sports he loves. Maybe he's into golf. If so, buy him a new golf bag, club, golfing clothes or a gift token for 18 holes at his favourite course. For the hiker, buy a backpack, hiking shoes or a new water bottle. Some 50-year-old men like playing outdoor sports with their families. Buy a volleyball net or supplies for bocce, croquet or horseshoes.


Gardening is a hobby for many 50-year-old men. Buy him a new water hose, a gardening hat or gardening equipment, such as a spade, a hoe and a shovel. Help take his garden to the next level by purchasing a fountain or a bench. If it's planting season, you can't go wrong with new plants. Buy perennial flowers he can enjoy every year or small vegetable plants.


Some men are never happier than when they are relaxing outdoors. Buy him some new rocking chairs for his porch or a hammock to hang in the yard. If grilling is his thing, buy him a nice new grill. If you don't want to spend quite that much money, opt for new grilling tools. You can even purchase a personalised brand with his initials that he can use to sear into the meat he cooks.

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