Snail Crafts for Children

Written by sarah dewitt ince
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Snail Crafts for Children
Show the kids real snail pictures to inspire their creations. (snail image by Snezana Skundric from

Snails, those slimy friends of children that seem to come out during the spring and fall, can serve as inspiration for a number of crafts for kids. Snails are appealing because of their distinct appearance and slow and steady nature. Children can create paper crafts that feature snails or they can even use old snail shells. You can buy shells online or at some craft stores; however, empty shells are also plentiful in open spaces and yards.

Glitter Snail Drawing

Buy thick card stock paper, markers and glitter glue at the craft store. Help the kids draw a picture of a snail with the markers. Create a circular swirl on the snail's shell. Colour the details of the snail and use glitter glue to trace around the circular shell to create more detail. This is a simple snail craft for young preschool-aged children.

Snail Family

Collect old snail shells from your yard or buy them at a craft store or online craft supplier. Soak the shells in antibacterial soap for one day to disinfect them. Rinse the shells off and scrub off any additional dirt. Direct the children to draw a snail family in the middle of a paper plate with crayons or markers. Show them how to draw and colour circular snail shells along the border of the plate. Help them glue real snail shells on the backs of each snail family member. Try to find several different sized snail shells so the kids can make a mommy snail, daddy snail and kid snails. The kids can also write each snail's family position on the plate. This craft is for young preschool-aged children and some older children.

Styrofoam Ball Snail

The styrofoam ball snail uses styrofoam balls to resemble snail shells and wooden sticks to represent the snail's head, neck and tail. The materials needed for this craft are styrofoam balls, plastic eye balls, black marker, beads, paint, wooden craft sticks and glue. You will also need thin pipe cleaners.

Help the kids decorate the snails shell by using their fingers to push beads into the styrofoam ball. Show the kids how to create a circular snail pattern. You can do this by starting in the middle of the ball and working your way out. You can also use a pencil to draw a large circle on the ball and then draw a small circle inside and so on until you have a circular pattern that continues to get smaller and smaller. Help the kids paint their craft sticks green and allow them to dry for 20 minutes. Snap one in half and place this at the back of the snail to resemble its tail. Keep the front stick intact, and place it at the front of the snail to serve as his head and neck.

Use black markers to draw the snail's mouth on the craft stick and glue the plastic eye balls on its head. Cut out several 1-inch long sections from the pipe cleaners and bend them so they are slightly curved. Help the kids glue the pipe cleaners on the back of the snail's head to resemble snail antennas. This craft is best suited for kids who are older than 5.

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