Craft ideas using recycled materials

Written by sally syak | 13/05/2017
Craft ideas using recycled materials
You can create sand bottle crafts using empty water and soda bottles. (bottled sand art in Jordan image by Rebecca Capell from

Creating crafts with recycled materials can be very rewarding. You can save money by using items that you already have and save landfill space by using things that would normally be thrown away. You could also build a small business selling the craft items you make with recycled materials at craft fairs or online.

Worn Denim Jeans

Use worn-out denim jeans, shirts, jumpers and skirts to create a journal cover. Glue one big piece of denim to the journal or use several small sections of denim and piece the cover together. Make a denim purse from the top section of a pair of jeans. Cut the legs off the jeans and sew the bottom shut. Create a strap for the purse from the leftover leg pieces. Stitch the handle into the waistband of the jeans. Purchase a magnetic purse closure from a craft supply store and attach it to the inside of the waistband.

CDs and Vinyl Records

Use unwanted CDs to create decorative crafts. Create a snowman out of three CDs. Paint them white and glue them together with hot glue to form the stacked shape of a snowman. Create a scarf out of a scrap of fabric and wrap it around the neck of the snowman. Decorate the face of the snowman with other recycled items such as buttons, plastic bottle caps and scraps of yarn. Use an unwanted vinyl record to create a decorative bowl by baking it in the oven. Set the oven to 65.6 degrees C. Turn an oven-safe bowl upside down on a baking tray. Place the record on top of the bowl and bake it in the oven for approximately five minutes. Wearing oven gloves, remove the baking tray, bowl and record from the oven. While still wearing oven gloves, bend and shape the record into the shape you desire.

Used Jars and Containers

Make an air freshener using an empty jar. Fill the jar with potpourri and cover the top of the jar with a decorative paper or cloth doily. Secure the doily to the top of the jar with a rubber band. Add a decorative ribbon to cover the rubber band and tie a decorative bow. Glue an artificial flower to the bow to complete the air freshener. Make a small seat for a child out of an empty popcorn tin. Cover the lid of the tin with batting for padding and finish by gluing a decorative fabric. The tin can still be used for storage and children will enjoy having their own special seat.

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