Craft Ideas for Primary Children

Updated June 13, 2017

Planning fun and interesting craft activities for primary school-age children can make the difference between an enjoyable afternoon and one filled with unhappy kids. With careful planning and preparation, teachers and parents can provide young children with craft project to share with family and friends.

Sand Jars

This craft idea from the Kaboose website starts with adult leaders collecting clear glass or plastic jars with screw-on lids. Baby food and Mason jars are perfect for this project. On the day of the project, have various colours of fine sand, set up at stations, for kids to choose from. Children can take the lids off their jars and choose their first colours. At each sand station, they take a spoonful of coloured sand and dump it into their jar. After a few spoonfuls, kids have a complete layer of colour and they move to the next colour. As they move through the sand stations, they should be careful to not shake their jars in order to maintain the layers of colour. When the jar is filled, kids replace the lid on their jars and have a cool sand jar to keep on their desk at home or give to a loved one.

Egg Carton School Bus

Kids can create a school bus-themed craft using empty egg cartons. They make a 3-D bus that is perfect for a back to school notice board. In this craft from the DLTK website, kids begin by painting an egg carton with bright yellow paint. Once the paint has dried, kids cut out two black circles from construction paper to glue onto the bottom of the carton for wheels. On the top of the "bus," kids write "SCHOOL" with a black marker. If the egg carton is the type with holes down the centre, they can make students out of paper to glue onto the inside of the carton. This will make the bus look like it is filled with passengers. If there are no holes on the carton, kids can glue paper passengers on the front of the carton and draw windows around them. Completed buses can decorate classrooms or bedrooms.

Bean Mosaic

Primary school-aged kids can use their creativity and different colours of dried beans to create a beautiful mosaic with this project from the Amazing Moms website. Kids begin by drawing a simple design or message on paper to help plan their mosaic. They can then use a butter knife to spread a smooth layer of clay onto an 8-by-11-inch piece of cardboard. Using their drawings for guidance, they choose various colours of beans and press them into the clay. When the pictures are done, they can fill in the empty space with other colours of beans to allow the picture to come through.

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