Christian Ice Breakers for Couples

Written by morgan rush
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Christian Ice Breakers for Couples
Icebreakers are a handy way to get conversation going among Christian couples. (romantic couple image by Mat Hayward from

Christian social mixers are a way for single Christian men and women to meet new people and strengthen relationships, including romantic ones. Christian couples and singles, can feel frustrated by the lack of depth within the traditional dating scene, or unsatisfied by sometimes stilted or awkward church-organised social mixers. When planning a mixer, keep in mind that most people need a little help getting the conversation started when faced with a room filled with strangers or groups of people already conversationally engaged. Icebreakers are a handy way to break up conversational cliques, introduce new faces and get the mixer started.

Christian Icebreaker Bingo

Everyone remembers playing bingo as a kid, so reintroducing bingo at a social mixer as an icebreaker is a snap. Before guests arrive, create bingo grids with a descriptive phrase in each box (feel free to include a freebie box, perhaps containing the words for an inspirational Christian quote or appropriate Bible verse.) Examples include "has visited three different countries," "has more than two pets," or "has travelled on a Christian volunteer mission."

When everyone has a bingo card, provide pens and encourage guests to use the icebreaker to mingle with different people, writing in the names of those who fit each description. Provide simple prizes for winners who mark off five boxes in a row--horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

This activity encourages couples to intermingle, meeting new friends. Singles may spark conversation that leads to a romantic relationship.

Tower of Babel Building

Divide guests into small groups, and distribute small stackable items like building blocks, plastic cups, paper plates and drinking straws. Provide glue if desired. For this Christian icebreaker, instruct team members to build a Tower of Babel--the infamous Biblical structure built by individuals hoping to reach the heavens--competing with other teams to build the highest tower without toppling.

For added fun, tell participants they cannot talk while working together, so they must rely on goofy body language or other cues to coordinate. This is a fun way to create friendly competition among couples, or spark new relationships.

Count Your Blessings

For a more spiritual approach, invite guests to sit in an intimate circle. This icebreaker may be more personal, so dimming the lights or lighting some candles may feel appropriate. Explain that this icebreaker celebrates life's many blessings, and invite the event's host to start things off by listing personal examples. Encourage guests to delve a bit deeper than making broad statements about feeling blessed to "be alive" or "having my family." Those are excellent examples, but invite individuals to be more specific so the group can get to know one another. Perhaps "my family" includes a new niece or nephew, octogenarian grandmother or father living in Guadalajara. Titbits like these help stir conversation after the game ends. This is also an opportunity for couples to share the special things they appreciate about one another.

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