How to Knit a Large Ball

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A large knit ball is a fun way to use up extra yarn. The balls you knit can be used for fun pillows, perfect for a child's or teenager's room. Knit an extra-large ball to make a beanbag chair, or knit several smaller balls for juggling, baby toys or a young child's game of toss. This pattern can be adapted to be as small or as large as you like.

Cast on 12 stitches. Divide your stitches evenly over 3 or 4 double-pointed needles (whichever you prefer). Join the round.

Knit one row.

Next row, knit 2, make 1 (18 stitches result). Increase row formed.

Repeat steps two and three, increasing 6 stitches evenly over each increase row until your ball measures the circumference you want. So, starting with 18 stitches, you would knit 3 than make 1, leaving 24 stitches; in the next row, you would knit 4 stitches then make 1.

Knit rounds without increasing -- one round for every increase row you knitted.

Decrease 6 stitches evenly to form your first decrease row. So, if you have 60 stitches, work 8 then decrease 1, six times; 54 stitches will remain.

Knit next row.

Repeat steps 6 and 7, decreasing 6 stitches evenly over each decrease row until 12 stitches remain. Bind off.

Stuff the ball with whatever you've chosen for stuffing. Cut two 8-inch pieces of yarn. Using your yarn needle, thread one around the cast-on edge at the top of the ball, pull tightly to close the hole and knot to secure. Weave in or trim your ends. Repeat with the other piece of yarn around the bind-off edge.

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