Things to build using mega bloks

Updated February 21, 2017

Children all over the world have been using Mega Bloks to build an endless variety of structures and learn to count and identify colours for 25 years. Mega Bloks keep children occupied while enabling them to use their minds and imaginations. Children can transform Mega Bloks into anything they want and enjoy the success of constructing something all on their own.

Castles and Homes

Castles and homes are two of the most popular things that children build with Mega Bloks. A child can spend hours building a teetering tower and then watch as it falls. Children can use Mega Bloks to construct a castle in a faraway land and then use it to act out a scene using other toy characters. Others use Mega Bloks to play "house." They construct a habitat and then use their toys to provide family members to live in it.

Animals and Insects

Children will also enjoy building different animals with Mega Bloks. Since Mega Blocks come in a variety of colours, children can use them to make cats, dogs, birds, reptiles and all sorts of insects that they see around their homes or on television.


Many children create some sort of car, truck, plane or train with Mega Bloks. According to Best Preschool Games, Mega Bloks encourage children to create their own world that they can manipulate themselves, and parents are often surprised at the level of detail and creativity they demonstrate. Some children will even create a hybrid vehicle, such as a flying car or a boat with wheels.

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