Craft fair display ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

As a potential customer walks into your craft show booth, one of the first things she'll notice is how your items are displayed. The way your wares are shown may have a big impact on the amount of sales you generate. If you're a crafty person to begin with, chances are you'll be able to come up with an artistic way to set up your booth. First impressions are important and there are several ideas to keep in mind when thinking about how to display your items at a craft show.


Space may be limited in a craft fair booth, but try your best to create an open feel. Make your entry as wide as possible with space for at least two people at a time to fit through. Limit the amounts of display racks and other potentially cluttering items at the entryway. This will give your booth a natural flow where visitors can enter and exit with ease. If you're fortunate enough to have a larger display space, arrange your tables in the shape of an "L" or "U," which helps with traffic flow.

Item packaging/price tags

Add some sort of touch to your craft packaging or price tag to distinguish it from other vendors. Incorporate the packaging material into part of your display. For smaller items like jewellery, key rings or candles, create special boxes. Elaborate boxes full of colour and decorative pictures could be an option, but something as simple as a white box with your label and logo on it can have an equally big impact. For larger items like wood crafts, sculpture and ceramics, make a tag with your name and logo on one side and the item price on the other. Attach it with string, thin chain, rope, raffia or other item.


Incorporate lighting into your craft fair display. This is very important if you are inside or under a tent. Crafts created with metal or crafts that are very small can especially benefit from good lighting. Light helps to showcase the metal's shine and highlights details on smaller crafts that may be harder to see in dim lighting. Brighter lighting also works well in booths displaying artwork, such as paintings and photography. Consider individual spotlights, if possible. Rope lighting can be strung in display cases for jewellery. Soft lighting may help to set the mood if you're selling bath products or bedroom items.

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