Rules of Etiquette in Boarding School

Updated November 21, 2016

There are many purposes for boarding school. Troubled teens are often shipped off to boarding school—otherwise known as "boot camp"—which teaches not only etiquette but often helps teens get away from troublesome influences at home and keeps them out of trouble. Other children are sent to boarding school known as "finishing school," where good manners and good grooming is the focus. In either case, boarding school has very specific rules which must be followed.

General Rules

Rules vary from school to school. Some rules, however, are consistent. Basic etiquette is expected at boarding school. Rules of etiquette including observing curfew and visitation rules, such as no members of the opposite sex are allowed in dorm rooms. Additionally, boarding school etiquette requires students maintain one's appearance in an appropriate fashion which relates to attire and grooming. Wildly dyed hair and excessive make-up is not permitted. Sometimes, etiquette dictates wearing a uniform as well.

Boot Camp Rules

Boarding schools for troubled teens, known as boot camp, have strict rules of etiquette. These include maintaining a certain grade point average and attendance at classes. It often includes counselling with a guidance counsellor or therapist, or group therapy session. Checking in and out when leaving school is mandatory. The goal of this kind of school is to teach discipline and improve a teenager's respect for authority.

Finishing School Rules

Boarding schools that teach rules of etiquette specifically has historically been called finishing school. The types of rules of etiquette taught at this boarding school includes learning manners and skills like dancing and proper table etiquette. Modern finishing schools teach life skills including employment interview skills and maturity skills, which allow students to behave in a more mature, polished manner.

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