Ideas for shoe storage

Shoe clutter is a common household problem, and the more people there are in the home, the greater the issue. However, the mounds of shoes that appear around the house are usually a result of the lack of storage space in either amount or location. A variety of storage products that are available today will help you solve the shoe storage problem in your home.

Storage Boxes

Shoe storage boxes are useful for shoes for easy storage. Storage boxes keep shoes clean and are particularly useful for shoes that you do not wear often or off season shoes. Choose plastic see-through boxes that stack easily or use the original shoebox and tape a photo of the shoes to the outside for easy reference.

Shoe Racks and Shelves

Shoe racks and shelves made from wood or wire are a useful option for closets that have space beneath the clothes rods. Many shoe racks and shelves stack so that you can add multiple levels for additional storage space vertically without using more horizontal space. Circular, rotating wire racks fit neatly in a closet corner to add storage volume to a small space. Racks and shelves are effective storage options for shoes that you wear frequently.

Under-the-Bed Storage

Retailers sell storage bins specifically made for under-the-bed storage. Constructed out of plastic or canvas, these bins store the shoes in individual compartments within a single layer. If your bed is too low for under the bed storage bins, purchase risers or casters to raise your bed so that the shoe bin will slide under the bed. Under-the-bed storage is useful for homes with little space for shoe racks or for off season shoes that you do not frequently wear.

Over-the-Door Storage

Vinyl, metals or canvas over-the-door storage sleeves are useful for homes with limited space for shelves or for additional storage in a coat closet near the front door. Over-the-door storage units hang from the top of the door using hooks and have individual storage compartments for each pair of shoes.

Baskets and Benches

High-traffic areas benefit from storage benches and baskets to organise shoes and reduce clutter. Organization stores offer storage benches that have built-in slots for shoes or a large opening for a basket. A second option for baskets is to place several in the corners of you most frequented rooms where shoes typically accumulate. Benches and baskets work well for shoes that you wear often that rarely make it to a rack or shelf in a closet.

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