Tissue Paper and Stained Glass Crafts

Updated March 23, 2017

Tissue paper is a lightweight, opaque type of paper that is commonly used for gift wrapping and crafts. Use tissue of paper of different colours to create your own stained glass items. Put your paper stained glass in a window and light will shine through it, making a decorative window hanging. There are many variations on tissue paper stained glass, so make window hangings for different occasions as well as stained glass candle holders.

Stained Glass Heart

Stained glass hearts are an ideal craft to do for Valentine’s Day, but you can use the concept to create all types of shapes. To create several different hearts, gather some pieces of pink, red and white tissue paper and pink, red and white construction paper. Cut the tissue paper into 1-inch squares. Take one piece of construction paper and fold it in half. Draw a half heart shape onto the folded paper and cut it out. Keep the heart folded and cut out a smaller heart, about ½ inch away from the edge of the paper. This will leave only a 1/2-inch outline for your stained glass. Open the heart and stick it onto the adhesive side of a piece of clear contact paper. Stick several different coloured tissue paper squares onto the centre of the heart, making sure not to overlap the paper outline. When finished, stick another piece of contact paper over the heart to secure it. Cut off the excess contact paper. Tape it onto a window.

Stained Glass Menorah

Make Hanukkah menorah decorations using a slightly different method. Take a piece of black construction paper, laying it lengthwise. With a white pencil or crayon, draw the outline of a large menorah. Then draw outlines for each candle of the menorah. The menorah and each of the candles will be a separate piece, each covered by tissue paper. Cut out the menorah and candle shapes with a craft knife. Turn over the black piece of paper. Cut out a large rectangle from silver tissue paper that will fit over the back of the menorah. With different coloured pieces of tissue paper, such as red, orange and green, cut out small rectangles that will fit over the candle shapes. Use a glue stick to paste the pieces of tissue paper to the construction paper over the menorah and candle cutouts. Turn the paper over. Cut off the excess construction paper, leaving about a ¼-inch border around the menorah. Tape the finished menorah to a window.

Stained Glass Candle Holder

Turn an old glass jar into a stained glass candle holder. Tear tissue paper of various colours into small pieces. Dip a paint brush into washable white glue, and paint the entire outside of the clear jar with the glue. Stick all the pieces of tissue paper to the jar, overlapping them so the jar is covered. Paint another layer of glue over the jar to secure the tissue paper. Once the jar is dry, insert a small candle inside the jar. The colours will shine through the light when a candle is lit.

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