How to Liquidize Soup

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If a family member or friend has a sore mouth, throat or difficulty swallowing, you can liquidise soup for meals. A blender is an important tool in liquidising soups. A food processor will leave the soup chunky, not smooth. You can use a sieve or hand blender, but they take longer to liquidise the soup.

A blender will save you time and energy.

Let your soup cool. You don't want to pour steaming hot soup into your blender. If there are any splashes or spilling, you may burn yourself. If you must pour hot soup in you blender, only fill it halfway to prevent splatters. Additionally, hold the lid with a kitchen towel while blending the soup.

Open the can of stock. Keep it next to the blender. The soup may be too thick when you blend it. Add the stock to get a smooth soup.

Fill the blender halfway with soup using the spoon. Cover with the lid. Make sure the lid is secure. Place your hand over the lid.

Push the purée button. Start with 15 seconds and then stop. Remove the lid. Check the consistency of the soup. Repeat until the soup is completely liquid. Pour the soup into plastic containers, cover and freeze. If you need to serve the soup, pour into a bowl and microwave.

Repeat the steps with the rest of the soup.