Breakfast Bar Styles

Updated November 21, 2016

No one says a breakfast bar is just for breakfast. It's a place to seat friends or family members while you work facing them from the kitchen. It can be a space where you spread homework or paperwork. In other words, it's a place for living life. For that reason, breakfast bar styles are becoming integrated with the kitchen.

Curved Organic Style

Organic shapes provide a sense of softness. One style of breakfast bar is based on curved lines and rounded edges. This style lends itself to traffic patterns that are free-flowing, so sharp corners do not intrude. It also provides a softening element that contrasts with the angular fixed surfaces in most kitchens. Even timeless and durable granite, shaped to contours, can lend softness to a breakfast bar.

Varied Height Style

Changing heights in kitchen areas lets you make more personal use of space. You can pair a low food preparation counter with a high breakfast bar. Customisation of height is a way to foster interaction between family members. People seated at the bar are on close to eye level with the cook in the kitchen. This style has another advantage: A wood breakfast bar that is at a different height than a granite or tile countertop, such as a butcher block breakfast bar, creates a counterbalance that can be attractive and functional.

Design Detail Style

Kitchens can integrate fine design details, and a breakfast bar can be part of the visual balance that defines the room. An unusually thick countertop, such as coloured concrete, can serve as an artistic element and an equally thick breakfast bar can highlight the kitchen's balance, symmetry and use of unique materials. Stone products derived from quartz, available You can extend the bright hues on kitchen counters, islands and peninsulas to blend with the breakfast bar. In a tiled kitchen, you can use that tile or a complimentary one to link a breakfast bar to separate cabinetry or countertops.

Ultra-Clean Contemporary Style

Stainless steel appliances are popular for their sleek, clean, contemporary look. A breakfast bar can have that same gleaming surface. Create a beverage station in the kitchen at the breakfast bar. Elements can include a refrigerator or wine refrigerator under the counter and a standard coffeemaker or a more elaborate espresso or cappuccino maker. Add shelves or a cabinet under the breakfast bar to house coffee cups, stemware, flatware and a selection of tea, cream, sugar and sweeteners.

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