Face Painting Poster Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

If you are hosting a face painting event at your child's school or at a charity event, then you need a poster that shows children the different designs that you can paint. There are many easy, inexpensive ways to make a poster. Use the help of your artists and also consider using craft supplies to make the work easier for you.

Themed Posters

If you are an artist, then create three themed posters. You want to give children who visit your booth choices of the images they can have painted on their faces -- but you want to make sure you feature images that all of your artists can paint well. Consider using acrylic craft paint to paint images on three different themed posters. You can divide the posters any way you would like. Some suggestions are the following: Animal Kingdom, Flowers and Flags. Divide each poster into cubed sections, and paint an image in each cube.

Sticker Posters

Create a face painting poster quickly by using stickers on your poster. You can model your posters as the themed posters above, but instead of painting your images in the cubed sections, you can place a sticker in the cubes. You will need to tell the children who visit your booth that you will paint as close to the sticker as possible. This is a good option for exceptional face painters.

Photo Posters

Start snapping photos of your best work at each face painting event. Then print out the photos, and attach them to posters. You will give the children who visit your booth accurate examples of what your work will look like on their faces. Consider laminating your posters to make sure they are protected and can be used multiple times.

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