6-Disc Changer Instructions

cds image by Raimundas from Fotolia.com

Car CD players let drivers cruise to the sounds of their favourite artists. However, there is a limit to the number of songs on each CD. And when the music runs out, it might be unsafe to change CDs. Disc changers allow users to insert several discs at once. A six-disc changer lets you access the music on six different discs, without having to pull over and change CDs.

Locate your six-disc changer unit. Most disc changers are under a seat or in the boot of the car to save space. Your disc changer will be a box about the size of a small shoebox.

Slide open the six-disc changer loading panel to reveal the disc-changer cartridge. Most six-disc changers have a sliding door that covers the disc cartridge.

Take out the six-disc changer cartridge and load it with your CDs. Some six-disc changers require you to press an eject or release button, usually located near the disc cartridge. Pay attention to which CD goes into which slot. Each slot in the cartridge will have a corresponding number on it. Use this information to choose individual discs from your CD player console.

Insert the loaded cartridge back into the disc changer and slide the door shut, checking that it is closed securely.

Access the disc of your choice by pressing the disc number on your CD player console or on your remote.

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