Fun rainforest crafts for kids ages 4 to 11

Updated March 23, 2017

Children enjoy learning about other places not familiar to them. The rainforest intrigues children because of its unique scenery and animals. Rainforest crafts typically involve creating a model or visual representation of the rainforest. Also, children can make animal crafts depicting animals and other species that call the rainforest their home.

Rainforest Trees

To make rainforest trees, students need paper towel rolls, glue, scissors and either real leaves or construction-paper leaves. Students can make one or more trees to create a class rainforest. First, allow the students to paint the paper towel rolls brown to make them look more authentic. After the paint dries, students can then glue leaves onto the trees. To make the trees stand up, cut several 2-inch vertical slits around the bottom of the paper towel roll. Finally, put all of the trees together on a display board to make a class rainforest.

Rainforest Collages

Most kids love making collages. Younger kids may need help finding pictures and gluing them on, but older kids should be able to make a collage independently. To make a rainforest college, students will need construction paper or poster board for the background, fabric scraps, textured paper, tissue paper, sandpaper, paint, magazines with nature pictures and animals, scissors and glue. To begin, students can make tree shapes using any materials provided. The teacher may want to provide a template for younger students to use. The trees should then be placed on the background. To add texture, students can paint over the tree shapes and add bits of tissue paper to make leaves on the trees. After the students have glued the trees in place and decorated them, they can add animal pictures or cut-outs along with other pictures of plants that may be found in the rainforest. Adapt this project to make a large mural for the classroom by compiling the children's creations on a large piece of notice board paper.

Rainforest Birds

For younger children, trace the child's foot for the bird's body and their hands for the bird's wings on card stock. Let the child cut out the foot and hand shapes. Then, glue the hands onto the body and ask children to colour the bird using lots of bright colours or markers. For older children, use a bird template; find it at Both younger and older children may want to attach feathers to their bird. They also need to add eyes and a beak. Draw on eyes or attach the plastic googly version.

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