How to make an octagon wood planter

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Wooden planters are an attractive option to use in your outdoor space for planting flowers and vegetables. The possibilities for wood planters when you make your own are endless. The size, shape and overall style of the planter can be adapted to suit your individual needs.

One option is to make an octagon-shaped planter. This type of planter is ideal for a large yard planter without a bottom. You can use an octagonal planter as a focal point within the overall landscape of your outdoor space.

Cut a 67-1/2-degree angle on each end of the eight cedar boards using a mitre box and hand saw. The angles should be on one 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) edge of each board. One 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) edge of each board will measure 61 cm (24 inches) long. The opposite edge with the mitred angles will be shorter.

Place the eight boards together with the mitred angles facing in to create an octagon shape. The 30 cm by 61 cm (12 inches by 24 inches) sides should be flat against the work surface. The angles will fit together to create the eight 135-degree angles that make up the inside angles of an octagon.

Drive four evenly spaced stainless steel screws through the outside of one board into the end of the adjoining board at each of the eight joints around the planter, using a screw gun. This will hold the boards securely together to create the sides of the planter.

Place the planter in the desired location in the outdoor space. The planter can now be filled with soil and plants.