How to decorate a fibre optic tree

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A fibre-optic Christmas tree is an affordable, resuable alternative to real trees and traditional artificial trees. A fibre-optic tree's branches are made from plastic optical fibres which carry light from a central bulb, resulting in a tree that has a glowing light at the end of each of its "needles.

" In addition to its built-in light display, you can add decorations to a fibre-optic tree. It's important to choose the right decorations, however, as the tree's soft plastic branches can't hold much weight.

Choose the decorations you want to hang on your tree. You will probably not want to use as many decorations as you would for a traditional tree; too many will obscure the lights and bend the branches.

Hang light silver or metallic-coloured baubles from the branches. The shiny surfaces will reflect the light from the fiber strands.

Add translucent plastic icicles between the baubles. The clear plastic will refract the light, creating a sparkling effect.

Drape strands of reflective tinsel around the tree. Coordinate the tinsel colour with the colour of your tree's lights.