Festival of Trees Theme Ideas

christmas-tree decoration image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.com

Many charitable organisations kick off the Christmas season by hosting a "Festival of Trees." The event organisers usually plan such events to raise money for a good cause. Individuals and groups decorate and donate the trees, which are then sold or auctioned off during the event.

Usually, other Christmas decorations are for sale as well, but it is the fully decked-out Christmas trees that are the stars of the show. In most cases, groups decorate each tree according to a very obvious, specific theme.

An Old-Fashioned American Country Christmas

Rustic or country trees evoke a feeling of cosy, homespun goodness. Begin with white lights, then fill your tree out with twigs that have berries still attached to them. Make bows out of raffia and string wooden beads and stars onto a homemade garland. Take the theme of stars a step further and add some old-fashioned red, white and blue wooden ornaments to give the tree a patriotic "Americana" look. For a truly original touch, top the tree with a small American flag. Add a shimmer of silver with some tin ornaments and tuck a handmade quilt around the base.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wonderland trees are easy to make and they are also popular, because they go with just about any home decor. First, flock the tree. Purchase a can of "flocking," or fake snow, and spray the tree. Spray lightly, which will add a touch of white to the tree, or use several cans to completely coat the tree with the white, foamy material. Next, add a multitude of tiny, twinkling white lights. Add white and crystal snowflake ornaments in various shapes and sizes. Crystal "teardrop" ornaments, silver balls, and small snowman ornaments will suit this tree. Top it off with a white angel and add a blanket of "snow" around the trunk of the tree. This could be a piece of polyester batting, a white sheet, or even several bags of cotton balls.


Toy-themed trees are always a crowd favourite with kids and adults alike. Choose one toy, such as a teddy bear, and cover the tree with it, or simply choose a bunch of childhood favourites to use to decorate the tree. Any toy that can balance or hang from a branch will work. Yo-yos, dolls, slinkies, stuffed animals, balls, and a garland made out of a skipping rope or popcorn are all easy and fun. Multi-coloured lights add to the childhood appeal of this tree, and a train that chugs cheerfully around the base of it is a must.

Traditional Sophistication

Use of the colours red and green is always a classic choice in tree decor. Add a touch of gold to make the tree even more elegant. Begin with white lights, and fill out the tree with many red silk poinsettias. Twine gold ribbons through the branches, and add red, gold and green ornaments of your choice. Wrap a luxurious silk tree skirt around the base. A gold star at the top of the tree completes the look.