What paint colors go with gray?

Updated February 21, 2017

Gray is a wonderful colour to use in décor, because it offers numerous other colours that can be used to enhance or accent it. If you’re trying to coordinate colours with grey in your home, be it grey countertops, carpeting or walls, then you're in luck, because there are many options you can try. Discover some of the better colours to pair with grey, in order to have a room that fits together nicely and looks great, too.

Cool Blue

Cool blues are great to use when coordinating with grey décor. A soft, subdued blue along with grey can help give a room a relaxing look and feel. You can try painting walls a light blue or just do the trim. However you decide to use it, a toned down blue paired with any shade of grey is a good, cohesive colour scheme to try.


Violet is another popular colour to use when decorating with grey in your colour scheme. With lighter shades of grey, violet can evoke a relaxing or calming environment. For a funkier look, pair a bold violet with a deep shade of grey. You can paint walls violet, or even do a daring violet accent wall to match your grey décor.


For a modern look, pair grey with black. This can be an interesting contrasting look for any room. If you are working with a darker shade of grey, keep black accents to a minimum, using them for trim and small décor pieces. You can also try doing black vertical stripes on walls to elongate a room and complement your grey.


If you want a clean and crisp feel for your décor, try pairing grey with white. White and grey can be used for a soft look that is also fresh and clean. You can do white walls with grey trim or vice versa for a more intense modern look. Paint small grey stripes going down white walls for a nice accent that will add some texture to walls.


Green is another colour to try with grey that can help give your room a natural appeal, or an eclectic look. An earth tone green evokes the feel of nature, is very neutral and subdued, and looks great with natural textures and fabrics. For a bold look, try a lime green that will pop in contrast with your grey décor.

Hot Pink

Hot pink is a colour you can pair with grey, that adds a little feminine flair to go with your grey colour scheme. This works great for a young girl’s room, or can look good in a woman’s apartment. Try doing hot pink accents, like trim, or be bold and paint walls or an accent wall with hot pink. Against a grey colour, hot pink will really catch the eye and bring some brightness to any room.


Yellow is another look to try with grey. Yellow and grey are a relatively new colour scheme that can give your room a hip and modern look. Try to avoid a yellow that is too bright; stick with buttercups and warm, inviting yellows. If your yellow can double as a highlighter, avoid it and stick with a more toned down yellow that will mesh well with grey.

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