Kayak trailer ideas

Updated November 21, 2016

Reasonably priced options for hauling one or more kayaks are available to ensure your kayak arrives safely at your paddling destination. These trailers allow you to easily transport, load and unload your kayak and paddling gear without the need to secure it to the roof of your vehicle. Models made specifically for hauling kayaks can be found from a variety of kayak and trailer equipment retailers.

Single Kayak Trailers

An inexpensive and favourite option of paddlers that need to haul a single kayak are floored or no-floored utility trailers like those made by Carry-On Trailer. This brand is carried by most Tractor Supply stores and some home and garden retailers. Kayak racks made for car roofs can be fixed to these trailers and when the kayak is properly tethered this option offers a budget conscious safe way to haul a single kayak as long as the boat is no longer than 12 feet.

Specifically made to haul one kayak the Trailex SUT-200-S single kayak trailer is a slightly more expensive option. Available on line from Castle Craft and other kayak retailers, this trailer is light enough to be hauled by the smallest of cars. The trailer will carry a single kayak of any length. This trailer has been designed to eliminate the bounce noted in many light weight trailers.

Double Kayak Trailer

The two-place kayak and canoe trailer that can be customised to meet your specific needs is available from the My Sport Boats website and other kayak equipment retailers. This two-kayak or canoe trailer can haul kayaks that are six to 18 feet long, but can be customised to haul longer kayaks. Made specifically for kayaks, this trailer has options that enable you to carry kayaks cockpit down, cockpit up or on their sides to make room for bikes or other recreational equipment. A trailer box can be added as an option to carry life vests and other essential kayak gear.

Multiple Kayak Trailer

The powder-coated steel multiple kayak trailer available on line from Discount Trailer and other kayak equipment retailers is specifically made to carry four to six kayaks. Four- and six-place kayak trailers are available in 12- or 16-foot options. The tongue of this trailer can be removed for storage in a shed or garage. Optional accessories allow for customisation of this trailer to meet your specific hauling needs.

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