Ideas for primary school assemblies

Updated June 13, 2017

School assemblies are designed to give students a fun way to learn. These days, assemblies are often educational and are geared toward adding to the curriculum presented by teachers. Assemblies introduce students to new topics of instruction and can provide character education to the entire student body at one time.

Mad Science

School assemblies about science give students the chance to see a variety of real life experiments up close. Mad Science assemblies are available across the country and provide many types of presentations to choose from. Mad Science shows are designed as performances where students can participate in demonstrations on stage. Students are chosen from the audience to help with each experiment. Shows are geared to specific ages and the scientist explains the science behind each experiment. Each show can accommodate up to 300 students and last approximately 45 minutes. Schools have many Mad Science presentations to choose from including "Be Tobacco Free," where students see the effect of tar and nicotine on the heart and circulatory system.

Bully No More

Bullying in schools has become an increasing problem across the country. "Bully No More" is a school assembly outlined on the School Shows website. This assembly is presented by Dave Rojahn and can be geared to any ages, kindergarten through eighth grade. The goal of the program is to educate students about what constitutes bullying and what they should do if they are being bullied. The audience participation program also focuses on peer relationships and how to get along appropriately with others. Each assembly lasts between 35-40 minutes and is designed to be given in a variety of locations, such as an assembly hall, gym or library.

Dinosaurs Rock

Students of all ages love to learn about dinosaurs and life during prehistoric times. Dinosaurs Rock assemblies transform the assembly location into a museum complete with fossils and replicas of dinosaur skeletons. Students are able to get their hands on these items and really get a feel for life millions of years ago. Dinosaurs Rock assemblies also include a dinosaur dig where all participants uncover bones, shells and other prehistoric items. Students get to take their fossil home to begin their own love of dinosaurs. Assemblies can accommodate from 50-500 people at one time and can be adapted to suit the particular needs of the school.

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