Porch with coats and shoe storage ideas

Updated July 20, 2017

Cluttered porches wreak havoc on nerves and give the impression that the interior of the house is also untidy. Some storage options for porches include bins, benches, lockers, shoe racks, cabinets and hooks. If the elements buffet the porch, choose weatherproof items to store shoes and coats out of the weather.

Hall Tree Storage

A hall tree makes organising a snap. Hang coats on the hooks that top the hall tree and drop shoes and other items inside the attached bench. Hall trees are large pieces of furniture, usually made of wood, and placed in foyers to hang hats and coats on. Hall trees often have drawers and benches with hinged lids built in. Finer quality hall trees are crafted of walnut, oak and other fine woods. Find hall trees at furniture stores, both local and online.

Antique Seaman's Chest Shoe Storage

An antique seaman's chest evokes thoughts of pirate plunder and warm, tropical breezes. Place a seaman's chest on the porch and use it to keep shoes and boots neatly stored away. Seamen use chests to keep their personal effects safe. Many years ago, seaman's chests were crafted of wood, usually pine. Wrought iron straps, hinges and hardware decorate antique seaman's chests. Paint and stencil the seaman's chest for a tropical flare or leave it natural to show off its aged patina. Search for a seaman's chest at antique malls, yard sales and thrift stores.


Tame the mess on a porch by storing coats and shoes out of sight in a beautiful armoire. Once used strictly for clothing, armoires now function as computer cabinets, entertainment centres and even as kitchen storage units. Armoires are designed to suit many styles. Materials used for crafting armoires range from wood to metal, with wood being the more common material. Armoires generally have two doors that open to reveal drawers, shelves and even rods to accommodate clothing. Fine furniture stores, department stores, building-supply centres and antiques dealers carry armoires.

Coat Hooks and Shoe Baskets

Mounting hooks and placing several baskets on the porch floor just beneath the hooks creates a tidy storage area for coats and shoes. Coat hooks come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Mount coat hooks according to manufacturer's instructions. Purchase coat hooks at any home-supply centre. Many stores sell baskets. Choose sturdy baskets that will stand up to harsh wear. Baskets lined with water-resistant material work well for shoe storage.

Tiered Shoe Rack

Contain shoes on a tiered shoe rack. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, tiered shoe racks house a shoe collection by keeping them in one area, stacked on individual tiers. Department stores and home-supply centres sell tiered shoe racks.

Wooden Chicken Nesting Boxes

Recycling wooden chicken nesting boxes for shoe storage adds charm and function to a farmhouse porch. Built as individual nests, or in groups of two, four, six or more, chicken nesting boxes come in two basic styles: open and enclosed. Open nesting boxes have no doors and make egg gathering fast and easy. Enclosed nesting boxes have hinged doors that must be opened to collect the eggs. Enclosed nesting boxes would work well to protect shoes from the elements on an exposed porch. Stack individual chicken nesting boxes near the home entrance at the porch and arrange shoes inside the boxes. Use one of the nesting boxes to keep gloves and hats within easy reach. Mount nesting boxes to the porch wall for added safety.

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