DIY home bar dimensions

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A home bar is a typical do-it-yourself project for the homeowner. It provides a place to mix and enjoy drinks with friends. If you are considering a wet bar for your next DIY project, you are probably wondering what dimensions to use. While all bars differ in length, most adhere to one exacting dimension, the height.

There are other dimensions to consider as well.

Bar height

Most bars are 105 cm (42 inches) high. This is the standard height used in restaurant, hotel and watering hole bars. The height is such that a standard bar stool can be used with the bar top. The additional height allows for an elevated stool with foot rest. It also provides enough room to store bottles and glasses under the bar. It is important to note that the total height is 105 cm (42 inches) including the counter top, so the base will have an actual height of 1 m (40 inches), if the counter is 5 cm (2 inches) tall.

Bar top

The bar top can be any width, but typically they range from 50 to 75 cm (20 to 30 inches) wide. Your dimensions will depend on space in your home. In addition, the overhang on either side of the bar (the distance from the bar's support structure to the edge of the bar top) should be around 25 to 30 cm (10 to 12 inches) on the patron's side. This allows enough room for sitting comfortably up against the bar. The overhang on the bartender side does not need to be this deep. Shelves with spirits and bar tools will most likely fill this space.

Other dimensions

More dimensions to consider include the bar's distance from a wall. If installed in front of a wall, the bar should allow enough room to walk behind it and crouch to retrieve bottles and glasses. This is about 90 cm (36 inches). Test the space yourself to see what works for you. The interior of the bar, or the "underbar" area is another area to consider. If you are storing spirit bottles here, you will need at least 20 cm (8 inches) of space. This space takes up room that could be used for the patron overhang so carefully consider your storage needs before outlining these dimensions.