The height on a wall to hang a coat rack

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Storing coats on a coat rack as opposed to a front hall cupboard adds a touch of convenience and ease to this common task. In order to keep your coat rack classy and stylish, avoid overcrowding it by hanging only regularly used items there. Choose a coat rack with enough hooks for each member of your family and an additional one or two if you often have guests.


Before choosing a spot for your coat rack, consider who will be using it. Is it meant for adults only? Are there young children in your house or a family member who is significantly shorter than everyone else? Although you want to hang it high enough so that the coats clear the floor, make sure that everyone can reach. If you have one or two young children in your home, buy a second coat rack and hang it at a level meant specifically for them.


The second major consideration is the place where you will put your coat rack. If it is in an area that is already decorated with wall paintings, a mirror or family pictures, keep those in mind when you choose a height. Hanging your coat rack significantly higher or lower than the other pictures on your wall might cause the wall to appear unbalanced and awkward.


The average height for a coat rack is about 175 cm (70 inches) off the ground, or a little bit lower than 1.8 m (6 feet). This is higher than eye level for most people, which means that instead of seeing the top of the coat rack, you will be facing the middle of the coats when you stand in front of it. This is ideal for quickly choosing the coat or bag that you are looking for.


To ensure that 175 cm (70 inches) is a good height for your house, stand the tallest boots of any family member underneath the spot where you wish to hang your coat rack. Hold the coat rack in place at 175 cm (70 inches) above the floor and place the longest coat on one of the hooks. Make sure that the coat clears the boots. If it does, than this is a height that works for you.

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