How to Identify Carpet Backing

Written by amanda hevener | 13/05/2017
How to Identify Carpet Backing
There are several different types of carpet backing. (diagonal striped pattern of a carpet image by GoodMood Photo from

Everyone is familiar with carpeting. It's found in living rooms, bedrooms, basements, and sometimes bathrooms. It comes in different lengths and colours, each depending on the use intended for the carpeting. However, carpet backing is a different story, since it does more than hold the carpet fibres in place. There are two main kinds: high performance and standard. Each has its own distinctive qualities and they are fairly easy to tell apart.

Pull up the edge of the carpeting and examine the back.

Measure the thickness of the backing, taking care to not include any of the carpet fibres in the measurement. A high-performance backing will be at least a half-inch thick. If the length is shorter, it falls into the standard category.

Examine the number of layers that make up the backing. A high-performance backing will have three: a primary layer, bonding layer, and secondary layer. A standard carpet backing will only have two: primary and bonding.

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  • Ruler

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