How to Change the Color of a Smart Car

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Smart cars are two-seat, compact vehicles that originated in Germany as a division of Mercedes-Benz. They can now be found in the United States and countries all over Europe and Asia. If you are a Smart Car owner and want to change the colour of your vehicle, the company offers a virtually limitless number of options.

This is possible because the body panels on the car are easily removed. In order to change the colour of your Smart Car, you must follow a short series of steps.

Before you start the process of changing the colour of your vehicle, decide if you can afford it or not. Though Smart Car does its best to accommodate customers, the service comes at a price. Customised shades and wraps start at £877 and go up to £1,267 as of 2010. Original designs can run over £1,300.

Check on the Smart Car website and see if you can find it among their preselected colours. They offer almost 100 different colours such as orange, forest green, sky blue and pink. They also offer wraps that feature designs like plaid, houndstooth and coloured diamonds. For a truly customised look, locate a sample of the colour or pattern that you want. The company will try and match it as best as possible.

Contact a dealership. It's best to go into the dealership where you originally purchased the car, since they will have your information on file. However, any Smart Car dealership can assist you. Order the car panels in the desired colour or design. If you've chosen something original, you might have to go back and forth with the manufacturer to see if they can match it. When the panels are ready, bring your car into the dealership so they can swap the panels out.