Bar pub design ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

Bars, pubs, taverns, saloons--no matter what you call these establishments, their general purpose is the same: to serve alcohol and possibly companionship, even if it's just with the bartender. Whether you are renovating your own business or sprucing up a basement game room, choose a theme that will draw customers (or guests) in and keep them coming back.

Irish Pub

These types of pubs, much like their English counterparts, imbue a village feeling. Painted stucco walls look the most authentic. Wall decorations should be sparse, aside from a few old tin signs promoting Irish beers and whiskeys. Behind the bar, put up mirrored panelling. Keep the bar, tables and stools in dark colours. Install stained glass windows.

Sports Bar

In addition to the bar and table seating, it's important to incorporate booths. Colors can be bold, and wall decor can be busy, to the point of looking cluttered, with pennants, photos, posters, neon signs, marker boards showing specials and shelving holding trophies and sports memorabilia. Install flat-screen televisions throughout the space so that guests can watch games no matter where they're sitting. Pool tables and dart boards add to the camaraderie.

Old West Saloon

This style is all about nostalgia, even if you can't put in exterior hitch posts and dual swinging wooden doors. Keep decor simple with spurs, lanterns, steer horns and deer heads. A must-have feature is wooden card tables and chairs, and ideally, a piano. There's no need for bar stools at this particular establishment, especially if you have a beautifully crafted bar, although a couple at the sides won't hurt for the regulars.

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