Spring Window Display Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Window displays are crucial for the survival and prosperity of a shop. An effective window display can bring more traffic into your store and increase sales. Furthermore, an aesthetically striking display is a gift to pedestrians who walk past your shop and can even brighten someone's day. When it comes to spring, a striking display should celebrate the passing of winter.

April Showers

A spring window display which acknowledges the murkiness and muddiness of April is sometimes the most suitable choice. Hang an odd number of large metal watering cans from a ceiling grid in your window display. Spray paint the metal watering cans a bright or metallic colour or just keep them as they are. You can sculpt cling film to make it look like long drops of rain coming out of the spout of each can. Alternatively, you can stick silk flowers out the of the holes of each spout. If you'd like to be somewhat comical, you can hot glue Barbie dolls in positions that make it look like they're climbing out of each can.

Lush Flowers

While relying on flowers is an extremely common thing to do for a Spring window display, you can still use flowers in an original way. Hang a large, vintage gilt mirror in the front of your shop window. On a low table, fill a blue porcelain vase with brightly coloured elegant flowers. Alternatively, you can put low tables or wooden crates in your window and place many vases or buckets filled to the brim with flowers so that they look like an explosion of colour. In between the flowers, incorporate whatever product you sell in your store, be it jewellery, books, clothes, shoes, etc.


Mannequins are often the "go-to" piece for certain shop window displays: they're large and eye-catching and they represent the consumer. Place a male and female mannequin side by side and position them so that they are gazing into each other's eye. Arrange them so that they are holding hands. Dress them in breezy, cheerful, bright spring outfits, such as a floral dress for her and sandals and a bright short sleeved shirt and khakis for him. Throw a heavy, drab winter coat and boots at each of their feet. Try to position these items so that it appears as if each mannequin has taken them off and thrown them aside.

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