Different types of cushions

Updated April 17, 2017

Cushions are colourful, comfortable additions to any seating area. Some chairs can be hard, rough or plain. Adding cushions can suddenly make a room appear inviting and warm. The cushion's colour and softness will invite guests to have a seat and relax. There are a variety of cushion styles for any kind of seating, from benches to ottomans. Choose a style of cushion to match your personality and decor taste.

Bench Cushions

Bench cushions are ideal for any seating area that may be hard or uncomfortable. Wicker benches, loveseats, garden benches and porch swings are some of the places you will find bench cushions. The cushion is made to fit the size of the seat. Bench cushions also feature fabrics perfect for the outdoors with resistance to colour fading, mould, mildew and stains.

Seat Cushions

Dining chairs and outdoor patios chairs often feature seat cushions. This style of cushion comes in a variety of shapes such as square, round, rectangle and half round. The seat cushion shape and colour are designed to fit the specific chair.

Ottomon Cushions

An ottoman is a footrest used in living rooms and patios. With a custom ottoman cushion, the footrest suddenly becomes a decorative point in your room. The ottoman cushion can be designed to match the style of the seat cushions in your set. This style of cushion also comes in any shape or size to fit the ottoman.

Chaise Cushions

A chaise is a long lounge chair found inside or on patios. The length of the seat extends outward to look like an attached footrest. A chaise cushion is designed to cover the length of the chaise. The fabric is soft and comfortable enough for sleep or rest. The chaise cushion also comes in a one piece or two-piece style where the backrest detaches from the bottom.

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