How to form corners when upholstering a foot stool

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A footstool is a small stool that sits in front of a larger chair for a person to rest his feet upon when sitting on the chair. Many footstools have rounded corners and the fabric is stretched around the corner with small gathers along the bottom edges. Some footstools have fitted or seamed corners and a square or rectangle appearance. Making both types of corners is not difficult.

Place the finish fabric face side down on the work table. Position the footstool foam or batting side down over the fabric.

Pull the top edge of the fabric to the back of the footstool or down along the side of the footstool if there is a wood mounting edge on the side. Stretch the fabric taut and staple in the centre of the top side. Stretch the opposite or bottom side taut and staple at the centre. Stretch and staple the left and then the right sides. Continue stapling from the centre toward the corners with staples placed closely along the wood.

Ease your fabric around the corners so that the gathers are evenly spaced and staple around each corner. If you are stapling to the bottom or underside of the footstool you will also fit the corner fabric around the legs. This will create a softly rounded footstool corner treatment.

Measure the top of the footstool foam, and add 1 inch to the length and width. Measure the height of the side of the foam and cut four strips of fabric to this height plus 3 inches. Measure the length of each side and add 1 inch for seams.

Position your side strips face sides together and sew your corner seams with 1/2 inch seam allowances. Pin your side fabric rectangle to the top fabric with face sides together and sew your pieces together. Clip your corners to remove excess fabric and turn your cover right sides out.

Place your cover over the footstool so that the corner seams line up with the corners of the foam. Pull your bottom fabric under and staple from the centre of each side. Stretch and smooth your fabric as you staple and fit the fabric around the legs.

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