Adult champagne breakfast birthday party ideas

Celebrate a birthday by hosting a champagne breakfast party. This themed party allows adults to gather and enjoy hearty breakfast foods topped off with a bubbly glass of champagne. Clean, elegant decorations and themed party favours round out the event. Best of all, champagne breakfast celebrations can occur in a number of venues, from a local restaurant to your own dining room.


Breakfast casseroles, fruit and pastries are festive foods for an adult champagne breakfast birthday gathering. Choose entr´┐Żes like casseroles with eggs, sausage and cheese or a variety of quiches. Fruit salad is a light side dish for breakfast that pairs well with champagne and other morning cocktails. In lieu of the traditional birthday cake, set up a pastry bar with danishes, muffins and eclairs.


You can create a number of cocktails using champagne. Mimosas are a traditional breakfast cocktail, pairing your favourite champagne with orange juice. Martha Stewart's website recommends a cocktail that contains passion-fruit nectar, champagne and grenadine. You can also create a champagne punch that features your favourite fruit juice. Offering a mix of champagne cocktails will be an unexpected surprise for your guests and will please every palate.


Your venue options for an adult champagne breakfast celebration are limitless. If you'd rather someone else do the catering, then host the event at a local restaurant. If you're organising a potluck celebration where every guest will contribute a dish or drink, then host it at home to cut down on venue costs. If the weather is warm enough, consider hosting the celebration at a local park or on the pool deck of a nearby hotel.


Choose a clean, elegant look for your decorations. Drape tables in light-coloured linens, and use gold chargers at place settings. A champagne flute for each guest is a must at a champagne breakfast. Select floral centrepieces, or include a framed photo of the guest of honour on each table.


Themed favours can thank each guest for attending. You can personalise champagne flutes for guests to use at the party and then take home. The flutes can include each guest's name or a description of the event---for example, "Melinda's 30th Birthday, August 13, 2010."

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