Craft projects with wooden spoons

Updated March 28, 2017

Wooden spoons are an inexpensive item with multiple purposes. They can be used in craft projects, as play items or even decorations. Combined with craft supplies such as glitter, glue, paint or felt, many projects can be centred around this simple object. Whether it's the wooden spoon in your kitchen or the ice cream spoons that come with your favourite cup of ice cream (or purchased at a craft store), they can be used to delight and inspire one's imagination.

Wooden Spoon Flowers

What better way to brighten a gloomy day than to make wooden spoon flowers. To make these craft flowers from Disney Family Fun, you will need a long handled wooden spoon, acrylic paint, paint brush, cup, wooden craft shapes (these would be used for the flowers pedals, you could also cute shapes out of foam if so desired), glue and beads or small coloured cotton balls. First you would want to paint the entire handle of the spoon green to represent the stem. You can place the spoon in the cup until the paint dries. Next you can glue the wooden shapes or your foam pieces on to the bowl part of the spoon to make the petals. Don't worry about covering the entire bowl of the spoon, the centre part will be covered later. Once the glue dries, kids can go back over and paint the wooden pieces or add details to the petals such as stripes or dots, let their imagination do the work. (If coloured foam is used may be able to skip that step all together) Once all the paint is dried, glue your beads of cotton balls to the centre of the bowl of the spoon to make the centre of the flower. Multiple flowers could be made to make a complete bouquet or a flower garden. All supplies can be purchased at a local craft store.

Wooden Spoon Puppets

This wooden spoon puppet craft from Montessori World Educational Institute is not only a creative activity but also serves to spark a child's imagination with the possibilities of home-created plays for family and friends. To make a wooden spoon puppet, you will need a long-handled wooden spoon, paint, paint brush,scraps of yarn, fabric and glue. First, paint a face on each side of the spoon. Be creative, one could contrast a happy face with a sad face or a surprised face. Next, take scraps of yarn and glue them around the edge of the spoon; this would be the hair of the puppet. You may find it easier if you used a small scrap of ribbon to tie the hair together before gluing it to the spoon. Once the glue has dried, you can wrap fabric around the spoon in a cone shape to make a dress.

Craft Spoon Turkey

Kids can help with the holiday decorating by creating a wooden spoon turkey. This project from craft site Danielle's Place requires wooden ice cream sticks (can be purchased at a craft store), paints, brushes, two small pieces of different colours felt (red and yellow would work but you can use any colour you desire), glue as well as a pair googly eyes.

You start by taking seven wooden spoons, overlapping them slightly to create a fan shape. Glue them together to form the feathers of your turkey. Next have an adult cut a wooden spoon in half and place one half on each side of another whole spoon. This arrangement will go on top of your already made fan as the turkey's front wings as well as neck and head. To create the beak and wattle, two felt pieces into teardrop shapes; the piece for the beak should be smaller. Glue the wattle piece down first and the beak over top at the top. To complete the craft, glue on the eyes and paint the turkey as desired.

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